This is where we display our Student's Artwork that they submit to us! We will also be sharing other resources that could be of use to everyone (brushes, tutorials, textures.) Expect some cool tunes from our DAT (Digital Audio Technology) students to be shared on here as well! Enjoy our page! If you have any questions feel free to drop us a message in our ask box or visit the website below! :)

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  • syd-k:

    My final for Perspective and Rendering, a steam-powered vehicle. Done in pencil.

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  • disneypixar:

    The play of the land.

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  • Anonymous asked : I heard project X was canceled!? WHY?

    Hello!  Not to worry, Project X has not been cancelled.  It still exists along with several other awesome, large, collaborative project courses!

  • Check out this Pixar animated short about how unpredictable love is!
    Have a good weekend!

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  • Oh, also,


    I am planning to be at cogswellcollege for orientation on the 4th! I’ll be there reppin’ the GSA.

    Come say hello, won’t you?

    basbirdie THIS MEANS YOU

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  • qinni:

    The whole film took me altogether about 5 grueling months (usually 10-12hours a day) to do. I often felt my butt was going to grow into the chair I usually sat at. 

    Please note that this was simply my way of doing my film to achieve the soft-shaded style I wanted; there are many other ways of doing this and some are a lot faster with different results~! :)

    This tut differs a bit from my dA version, because tumblr lets me put the combination of gifs and jpegs :D. 

    Here’s a book that will really help you start animating:

    here’s some books that are good for composition, storytelling and colours:

    I hope these helped

    I ask that no one removes the credit or source for this tutorial/guide please. thanks :)

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