This is where we display our Student's Artwork that they submit to us! We will also be sharing other resources that could be of use to everyone (brushes, tutorials, textures.) Expect some cool tunes from our DAT (Digital Audio Technology) students to be shared on here as well! Enjoy our page! If you have any questions feel free to drop us a message in our ask box or visit the website below! :)

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  • syd-k:


    I had my very last final at West Valley this morning, celebrated by getting a kickin’ rad haircut, and now I get to eagerly count the days until I get started on an art degree with Cogswell.

    Kind of psyched, y’all.

    Little late notice but we’re glad you’re here Syd-K!! :)

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  • “They call themselves… The Guardians of the Galaxy.”

    We’re going to see them this Friday.

     Sign-up sheets are by the ASB door! 

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  • Comic-Con starts tomorrow in San Diego! Who’s going? What are you looking forward to seeing?

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  • kayfabe:

    Dominic Griffin Reviews Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Seconds

    Ultimately, that’s what made Scott Pilgrim so successful. It wasn’t the fighting and the video game culture accoutrement, but his ability to take a straightforward slacker yarn and play it out on a grander, more exciting stage. Here, Katie’s story, a young chef who yearns for perfection, could easily be written as a shitty Katherine Heigl movie, but instead, Seconds is a clever, mournful, moving cautionary tale about accepting your mistakes and extolling the virtues of patience and moderation.

    Related: Dominic Griffin on the Drop Toehold Podcast

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  • mikefolf:

    I’m one mile off from circling the globe in a day at 70,000 ft but first lemme take a selfie.

    A drawing submitted by one of our students. :)

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  • MediaWorks presents its logo film reveal and team presentations today at 12:30 pm in the Den! You won’t want to miss it! #digitalaudio #mediaworks #finalsweek #cogswellcollege

  • It’s Presentation Week on campus! Here’s a shot from our Game Studio project class as they present their incredible contracted game Tangram Studio - a fun fraction learning game for kids. (at Cogswell Polytechnical College)

  • It’s been a fun month Dragons! For our final Sketch-This topic, it will be to sketch yourself as a Superhero. It could be your own or a pre-made one but you dressed in their costume! Have fun with it and do your best!

    This last day you get

    • $15 Gamestop Card
    • $10 Amazon Gift Card
    • Bag of Cogswell Swag

    Can’t wait to see what you guys do! Have fun!

  • Winners of the last two Sketch-It contests! #giftcards #congrats #cogswell #artistlife (at Cogswell Polytechnical College)

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